The 2016 World Energy Engineering Congress “a truly world-class experience” for Raghuram Sunnam

September 29, 2016


On September 22nd and 23rd, Building Performance Analyst Raghuram Sunnam attended the 2016 World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) in Washington, D.C. The Congress is the largest energy conference and technology expo held in the U.S. specifically for business, industrial and institutional energy users. It brings together the top experts in all areas of the field to help set a clear, optimum path to energy efficiency, facility optimization and sustainability.

“Attending the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) 2016 was a truly world-class experience,” says Raghu of the three day long conference. “I got to interact with professionals from various energy related Industries from around the globe. The conference gave us all a holistic view of the progress that has been made in the energy sector and also gave us a peek into the future through the Expo.

“I personally got an opportunity to interact with and listen to experts in the domain of Measurement and Verification (M&V) for buildings in the session that I was a part of. I spoke about a project that our team at Baumann Consulting worked on, to overcome the challenges that traditional M&V practices posed to us. Our team was able to synergize energy modeling, commissioning, and M&V with our in-house approach of operation diagnostics to add value to the project.”

Raghu also presented “Synergizing HVAC Simulations, Commissioning and Measurement & Verification Using Operation Diagnostics” during a session on M&V + Big Data: Your Ticket to Big Savings. Raghu’s presentation highlighted the advantages of one of the services offered by BaumannOperation Diagnostics (OD). This service is a comprehensive and systematic process of commissioning the implemented controls for HVAC systems through trend data visualization and analysis. Traditionally M&V process provides an opportunity to calculate the anticipated energy and cost savings that can be achieved by implementing particular energy conservation measures. However, the baseline energy performance of facilities to calculate the savings cannot always be accurately calculated due to improper building operation. In this case study, these inaccuracies in the building operation were identified by visualizing the trend data through operation diagnostics. The synergy of our various services for this project helped the team to ensure that the building operated as desired along with providing accurate savings estimations for M&V.

To learn more about the World Energy Engineering Congress and information about attending the 2017 conference, visit their website.