Community Energy Master Planning


Community Energy Master Planning


Holsten Quartier Hamburg, Germany energy master planning

Energy master planning helps communities of residents, businesses, institutions, cities, and governments to lower energy costs and GHG while strengthening local economies and building an affordable and reliable energy future.

The real estate industry plays a significant role in meeting climate action plan goals for GHG emissions reductions, clean energy targets, resiliency strategies, and economic and social goals.

Baumann developed a structured approach that follows a clear loading order to achieve a project’s framing goals which consist of ecological, economic, and social goals. Our detailed demand analysis evaluates the potential of passive strategies for load reduction first, followed by efficiency scenarios for energy supply, resource sharing, and the use of renewable energy sources.

Baumann's Community Energy Master Planning Includes:

Campus Energy Master Planning​

Baumann helps clients develop long-term energy efficiency strategies and master plans to reduce energy costs and increase savings, which can be redirected to support the primary function and mission of the institution.

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Municipal Energy Master Planning​

Baumann has helped many communities in North America to develop and achieve their goals to simultaneously improve energy efficiency, GHG emissions, and economic competitiveness.

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Neighborhood Energy Master Planning

Baumann utilizes a structured and analytical process to help developers to make informed decisions during the development stages and to communicate energy efficiency and sustainability strategies with the public and support permitting processes.

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