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Baumann Consulting provides sustainability and engineering consulting services for the entire lifecycle of buildings.

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What Our Clients Say

The Baumann Consulting team was able to prove through their efficient and carefully resourced team of experts that they could provide the services required with very high quality and conciseness while staying within budget for the services rendered. Overall the Baumann Consulting team was very pleasant to work with and always acted in a professional and respectful manner.
Martin Hirko
Senior Director, Faithful + Gould
[...] Baumann Consulting is one of the best commissioning firms we’ve worked with across the country and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for any project.
Laci Hoskins
Founder, NovoSustainability (Formerly at CBRE)
[...] Working with Baumann, they have been one of the best consulting firms I have worked with in my experience with their attention to our site needs, timeframes, working hours, meeting requests, and the vast knowledge they have not only with the staff.
Anthony Giannini
Manager - Maintenance Operations & Reliability Engineering, MedImmune
Baumann Consulting proved to be highly professional, engaged and enthusiastic about our project. We have been very pleased with their work and the resulting reduction in utility costs.
Mark Jacobs
Executive Director, Washington Research Library Consortium
The experience and diversity of the Baumann Consulting team proved to be an invaluable key to the success of our project. The Baumann team provided thorough reviews of the design documents at each stage of the process, provided the project team with detailed analyses, and identification of issues, as well as potential issues.
Peter Chew
Vice President, Prospera-U.S
Baumann’s knowledgeable staff integrated well into our evaluation team and displayed the critical skills and technical capabilities that were needed to meet the project’s scope and time constraints. Without their experienced staff working in the field to collect the information we needed for our analysis, we would not have been able to deliver such high-quality results to our customer!
Kendra Scott
Impact Evaluation Lead, TetraTech
… [Baumann] provided a thorough review of the mechanical drawings and took the extra step to ensure our clients understood the unresolved issues noted from the review. Baumann additionally provided recommendations to help resolve issues with the building’s facilities team. Their solid commissioning process helped the project to be completed successfully.
Joohyun Son
Sustainability Consultant, Gensler
Baumann was very thorough and proactive in their approach and execution of our project. Their in-depth analysis up front and continued to follow up throughout the course of the project. Their detailed and well-documented commissioning process helped to identify issues in advance and confirm that the building systems were working properly and efficiently.
Anton Johansen
Project Management, CBRE, Google Madison, WI
I have seen many different LEED consultants. So far, Baumann has been the best. They are proactive, and they take ownership of the process. They push the team to meet their goals and provide a lot of experience and past knowledge to achieve the project's LEED goal.
Neil Sheehan
Principal, Hartray Architects
It was a pleasure to work with the Baumann team [Oliver Baumann & Kelly Adighije]. Baumann’s ability to adapt to challenges and deliver quality products/services was instrumental in achieving critical U.S. Government mission objectives.
Ajmal Niaz
Program Manager, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott [Emery]. He was responsive, took time to explain anything to me, and always followed up. It was a pleasure working with him.
Jen Daly
Natural Resources Defence Council (NRDC) – DC
Love working with Team Baumann!
Lindsey Elton
Building Energy Analyst, Eco Achivers
Your communication and follow-up were excellent. Thank you!
Anne Crowley
Owner/Principal, Studio Crowley Hall