Sustainability Consulting


Sustainability Consulting


Hospital Nobo Otrobanda project in Curacao Island

Baumann’s expertise goes beyond the certification of buildings by developing sustainability concepts and verifying and improving indoor air quality and occupant comfort to support the mission and corporate values of our clients.

At Baumann, we understand that our role as sustainability consultants is to facilitate the delivery of sustainable buildings. Buildings have a significant impact on our day-to-day lives as we spend most of our time indoors. Successful sustainability strategies encompass the entire building lifecycle from design and construction to operation and reuse.

Baumann's Sustainability Consulting Includes:

Building Certifications

Baumann advises clients in choosing the most suitable certification system to add the most value to the building – by attracting tenants, increasing market value, or complying with your ESG strategy and code requirements.

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Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)​

Baumann evaluates and optimizes embodied and operational carbon by performing an LCA for buildings from the early design stages to operation.

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Sustainability Concepts​

Baumann develops sustainability concepts that help integrate the three pillars– economic, environmental, and social– into the project scope, set and achieve ESG goals, and effectively communicate results.

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Environmental Social Governance (ESG)

ESG has increasingly become a focus point in commercial real estate over recent years as investment in green buildings has increased. Baumann advises clients how to navigate ESG and learn to market it effectively.

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