Trainee & Internship Programs

Baumann is fostering the next generation of leaders in the building industry.

At Baumann, trainees and interns are an important part of the team. We offer programs for students and graduates in Chicago, IL and Washington, DC in the US, as well as in Frankfurt, Germany, and provide visa sponsorship support for international trainees. Our trainee and internship programs are designed to empower students, help them grow, and encourage them to explore their passions while working on projects that make a difference and impact the world.

Utilize Your Knowledge and Creativity.

Our trainee and internship programs embrace the aspirations, talent, potential, and enthusiasm of our interns. They utilize the knowledge they acquired from their studies and apply it to their work at Baumann.  They get to work on real projects and make an immediate impact on our mission toward a more carbon-neutral built environment.

Prepare You for the Real World.

Our trainee and internship programs help students grow new skill sets and gain real-world experience to prepare them for the workforce. Often, trainees transition to full-time employees after completing their program at Baumann. Read about their experiences below.

Diverse and Collaborative Work Environment.

Our trainee and internship programs bring people from various backgrounds and locations to connect, collaborate, and co-create in a work environment that embraces diversity and teamwork. Our work involves a collaborative approach amongst employees of all levels and from all our offices.

Trainee & Intern Stories

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