Baumann Applauds 15 Years of Energy Star Certifications

May 29, 2015

This past year, ENERGY STAR celebrated the 15th Anniversary of ENERGY STAR Certification for buildings. Baumann Consulting is proud to be an official ENERGY STAR Partner as we work with building owners and managers to help them improve the energy efficiency of their portfolios.

The diversity of organizations that have participated in ENERGY STAR’s call to action reflects the diversity of the people that are united by a common commitment — reducing their greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy performance. Building owners and managers continue to recognize the value of energy efficiency — in lower utility costs, higher asset value, and better productivity for building users.

An increasing number of cities and states nationwide have issued rules requiring the use of ENERGY STAR to “benchmark” building energy performance in pursuit of overall energy consumption reduction goals. Baumann has been involved with benchmarking programs from the beginning, from the launch of Washington, D.C.’s first-in-the-nation program in 2008, to the adoption of Chicago’s benchmarking ordinance in 2013, and the creation of the Denver City Energy Project in 2014. As many of these programs now require that standard compliance and data accuracy be verified by a licensed professional, Baumann’s experience and expertise uniquely qualifies us to provide these services for our client partners.

Once a building is benchmarked using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager it is assigned an ENERGY STAR score; any building with an ENERGY STAR score of 75 or higher is eligible for ENERGY STAR Certification. Baumann provides both energy benchmarking and ENERGY STAR certification services to help clients improve the energy efficiency and performance of their facilities. Our staff of qualified licensed professionals measures achievements in energy savings while verifying that energy performance does not come at the expense of indoor air quality, thermal comfort and adequate lighting levels. For more information about our project experience, please visit our Portfolio.

When ENERGY STAR awarded the very first certification in 1999, they had no idea how much demand there would be for a national energy efficiency label for buildings and plants. Now, 15 years and 25,000 buildings later, ENERGY STAR has been a major part of the movement to positively impact the environment and the economy and Baumann is proud to be a part of this innovative community.

Are you interested in pursuing an ENERGY STAR certification or benchmarking project? You can find us listed in ENERGY STAR’s Licensed Professional Directory, or please feel free to reach out to us directly. We look forward to partnering with you!