Chicken Soup for Your Energy Blues – Facility Diagnostics Service

Ivan Sitnov, Building Performance Consultant

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Washington, DC Rooftop Air Handling Unit
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Property managers and building engineers rarely get credit for averted catastrophes, much less ones that you can put a significant price on. After all, you can’t measure something that didn’t happen. DC’s building energy performance standards (BEPS) change all that because underperforming properties face penalties of up to $10 per square foot if they do not make improvements. So, in the age of BEPS, few building disasters will cost as much as not saving energy.

To help you be the hero while navigating the treacherous waters of the post-COVID real estate market and BEPS, Baumann Consulting is launching a new budget-conscious service – Facility Diagnostics. At Baumann, we believe that a considered approach to operations is what separates high-performing buildings from the rest.

Facility Diagnostics is a review of your property’s operations that is designed to identify opportunities to improve your building’s energy performance with existing equipment and controls. Facility Diagnostics is quick, affordable, and effective. Our priority is to get on site quickly, work closely with your team, and give recommendations for measures that can be acted on right away. It is the ideal way for you to get started averting the catastrophe that BEPS could be if you do nothing at all.

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Chicken Soup for Your Energy Blues – Facility Diagnostics Service