Using RETScreen for an Early Stage Energy Modeling

Hardik Miyani, EIT, CEM, CRE, CPHC, LEED Green Associate, Senior Commissioning & Energy Engineer

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RETScreen Workflow Process
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Over the years, building codes have become very stringent, increasing the complexity of a project’s design, overall timeline, and budget. During this time, the energy modeler needs to make necessary changes to the simulation model and update it as the project progresses. Hence, there is a strong need to optimize the process to consume less time and provide accurate results. 

To resolve this issue, Baumann Consulting developed a unique approach that uses RETScreen, a Clean Energy Management Software system, to quickly perform feasibility analysis of energy, cost, greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions, and financial viability for any project across the globe. At the preliminary stage, we use RETScreen to help us skillfully decide the lowest cost and highest performing measures for new and existing building upgrades. Baumann’s Certified RETScreen Experts (CRE®) use this tool from early-stage designing to commissioning projects to provide a complete solution to our projects. 

Pro Tip: Engage the energy modeling team during the preliminary stages of the project for better results. 

Using RETScreen for an Early Stage Energy Modeling