VP, Director of Sustainability

Torsten Biernat joined Baumann Consulting’s Green Building and Facility Management Group in 2009 and has served as Head of the Green Building and Facility Management Group since 2013. While at Baumann, Torsten has managed and overseen dozens of LEED certification projects in the U.S. and Europe, and has led LEED workshops for various companies. His expertise with the LEED green building standard includes the New Construction, Core & Shell, Commercial Interior, and Existing Building: Operation & Maintenance rating systems. Torsten excels at working with clients to develop innovative design solutions to achieve a project’s sustainability goals.

Torsten’s previous experience includes his role as a Project Manager for Green Building Management at Drees & Sommer in Frankfurt, Germany. During his tenure at the firm, he led several high-profile LEED certification projects including the Deutsche Bank Green Towers in Frankfurt, the first major renovation of a high rise building worldwide, which received LEED Platinum certification.

Torsten earned his Master of Business and Engineering from the University of Applied Sciences in Friedberg in 2008.

When I am not working I love spending time with my family or play tennis and go running.