Jochen Schaefer has been with Baumann Consulting since the company was founded in 2006.  Jochen’s expertise with the LEED green building standard includes the New Construction, Core & Shell, Commercial Interior, and Existing Building: Operation & Maintenance rating systems. Jochen has managed and overseen over 45 LEED certification projects in the U.S. and abroad. Jochen excels at working with clients to develop innovative design solutions to achieve a project’s sustainability goals. He has provided expertise in the development of sustainable concepts for projects such as the Russian application for the Soccer World Cup in 2018, as well as the development of a Green Facility Guide for a leading manufacturer’s new facilities worldwide. Jochen has given numerous presentations and educational seminars, is the author of various publications, and has co-authored a book.

Jochen spent nine years in the Mechanical Engineering Department at BASF AG, Germany. While at BASF, Jochen served as Project Manager for all of BASF’s design projects in the U.S.

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Applied Science, Mannheim, Germany, 1995

I am driven by the ability to have a positive and long term impact on our environment through my daily work in a great work atmosphere. Outside of work, I am tending to veggies in our garden plot or relax by going for walks with our dogs.