Ben Burgoyne joined Baumann Consulting in 2009 and currently serves as the Head of Commissioning. Ben’s extensive experience in commissioning of mechanical systems includes heating, ventilation, air conditioning, smoke exhaust, and plumbing systems. His involvement in the commissioning process includes management, plan development, design reviews, specification writing, development of FPTs, field inspections and testing, and troubleshooting, as well as O&M manual reviews and O&M training.

Ben has assisted in or led the efforts on over 80 commissioning projects in the United States and abroad. His additional expertise is in Operation Diagnostics, and he has given numerous presentations on trend data analysis with regard to commissioning.

Ben graduated from Penn State University in 2007 with a Bachelor and Master of Architectural Engineering, with a focus on building HVAC systems.

I find it very rewarding, helping to optimize the operation and performance of real buildings, particularly through Operation Diagnostics. I never expected the evaluation of data to be this interesting. When I am not working, I enjoy running, early morning calisthenics, and spending time with my family.