Shoreham West Cooperative

Baumann Consulting is providing BEPS consulting services including benchmarking verification, ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 Energy Audit, and an assessment of BEPS compliance options for The Shoreham West Cooperative Apartments in Washington, DC.

The Shoreham West Cooperative is located at 2700 Calvert Street NW in Washington, DC. The property consists of 58 residential units and underground parking. The property must comply with the District’s current Building Energy Performance Standard.

In response to DC’s BEPS requirements, Shoreham West Cooperative must comply with the BEPS-1 which will require a site energy reduction of 20% or more by 2026 compared to 2018 and 2019 average site energy use. To be compliant for BEPS-2, which will begin in 2027, it will be desirable for the Shoreham West Cooperative Apartments to achieve savings greater than 20% and to achieve an Energy Star score higher than 66.

The Shoreham West Cooperative previously had an Energy Audit and a BEPS Pathway Report completed by others. As part of this work, eleven energy efficiency measures were identified, and Shoreham West Cooperative’s benchmarking profile and data were reviewed. This latter work resulted in updates to Shoreham West’s benchmarking profile and an increase in the Energy Star Score.

Baumann Consulting is reviewing and verifying benchmarking data, performing an ASHRAE Level 1 and 2 Energy Audit, and completing an assessment of BEPS compliance options for the immediate and future BEPS cycles.


Washington, D.C.
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Shoreham West Cooperative
196,645 ft² | 18,269 m²
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