• Siemens HQ Munich

    Baumann Consulting provided LEED Consulting for this exciting project to achieve its ambitious sustainability and energy efficiency goals. In the first year of operation Baumann’s engineers worked with the facility management to optimize the functional performance of the mechanical systems.

Siemens HQ Munich

Siemens AG designed its headquarters in Munich, Germany with the goal to set international standards in sustainability and energy efficiency. The historic Ludwig Ferdinand Palais and its adjacent building were renovated and integrated into the new cutting-edge headquarters. The ground floor and inner courtyards of the building with trees, a café, a restaurant and a water feature  are publicly accessible.

Baumann Consulting was hired as the LEED Consultant early on in this project, which started with the target setting of the LEED requirements for the architectural competition and evaluation of submissions. The building achieved the highest certification level possible with 87 points, significantly exceeding the minimum threshold for LEED Platinum.

Energy efficiency goals are being met through:

  • Tilted facade with triple glazing and external shading systems for efficient shading and daylight redirection
  • 4-layer ETFE roof inflated cushions for shading and daylight control in atrium
  • Evaporative cooling towers units for free cooling and heat rejection
  • Radiant ceilings for heating and cooling
  • Integrated photovoltaic modules
  • Thermally activated foundation slab

Furthermore, Baumann’s engineers evaluated trend data to optimize the functional performance of the mechanical systems in the first year of operation and developed the energy flow diagram.

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