• CBRE Chicago Office

    Baumann Consulting provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning services for the tenant fit out of CBRE’s new Chicago office headquarters certified under the LEED Commercial Interiors rating system at the Gold level.

CBRE’s new downtown Chicago headquarters utilizes an open concept design across two floors. The space offers low panel workstations, interior enclosed offices, conference rooms, pantry areas, and technology rooms for basic office functions.

Baumann Consulting provided fundamental and enhanced commissioning requirements for the LEED for Commercial Interiors Certificaiton. The scope of services included commissioning of the energy and water consuming systems serving the CBRE headquarters including:


  • Pneumatic fan powered boxes for interior cooling
  • Perimeter electric re-heat
  • Condenser water circulating pumps
  • Perimeter baseboard heating
  • Condenser water cooled supplemental cooling units serving 33rd floor server room
  • Exhaust fans for unisex toilet and IDF room


  • Hot water heater
  • Electric hot water heaters


  • Lighting and lighting controls

Baumann identified and resolved issues with fan terminal units such as rattling, uninstalled temperature sensors, and room thermostats requiring rewiring. These could not have been determined through a standard inspection. Baumann identified these items by running the system through various temperature scenarios. Without commissioning, the tenant likely would have been unable to identify the cause of the thermal variations, experiencing temperature swings and discomfort indefinitely.

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