Oliver and Jon are presenting at the Montgomery County Energy Summit!

April 3, 2018

Oliver Baumann and Jon Lemmond are presenting at the Montgomery County Energy Summit which is themed “The Slight Edge: Incremental Steps towards Sustainability,” in Silver Spring, MD. This is an exciting opportunity to share knowledge during breakout education sessions focused on the latest trends in commercial energy efficiency, renewable energy, and related topics in Montgomery County. Energy contractors, building owners, property managers, and other green building professionals working in the County and the larger DMV area are among the audience.

During Oliver’s education session “Diagnostic Tools for Ongoing Optimization of Building Operations”, he will showcase how clients can improve their building operations and reduce energy costs using Operation Diagnostics.

Operation Diagnostics is an innovative methodology that uses advanced visualization techniques to organize and diagnose trend data that even large amounts of data can be comprehended and analyzed effectively and is used for monitoring based commissioning. Operation Diagnostics allows an ongoing verification of the operation of building systems and their components over longer time periods, whereas traditional testing is verifying the operation at one point in time. In addition, the methodology is used to verify the functionality of the building automation system and to perform the seasonal testing without impact on the building operation. The presentation includes examples from various projects where Operation Diagnostics was used for Monitoring Based Commissioning.

In Jon’s education session “Pro Tips and Case Studies on Multifamily Energy Efficiency”, he is addressing post occupancy energy efficiency while showcasing a detailed case study of the Westbridge Condominiums.

The case study illustrates how a required benchmarking can lead to energy improvements. After three years of benchmarking and meetings with the condo board, the energy consultant (Jon) conducted an investment-grade energy audit. Specific projects that followed included upgrading LED lights and controls in May 2016, replacing a 40-year-old water-side heat exchanger and redesign of a water-cooled condensing unit and air-handling unit with a variable capacity packaged unit in December 2017.