Brock Environmental Center Awarded LEED Platinum Certification

August 20, 2015

We are thrilled to announce that the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Brock Environmental Center has been awarded LEED Platinum Certification.

It takes a village to meet the stringent requirements of LEED Platinum certification, and this project could not have done so without the vision of the owner and support from the architect, builder, contractors, engineers, and all the other unsung heroes that helped make this project a reality. We applaud the efforts of Chesapeake Bay Foundation leadership to push the envelope of green building design and advance the industry standard.

Energy modeling performed by Baumann Consulting provided critical feedback to the project team at every stage of design development. Precise evaluation of the interaction between the building enclosure and natural lighting strategies, quantification of natural ventilation benefits, and feedback on the specification and selection of mechanical equipment contributed to a 37% energy use decrease from 100% DDs to CDs with a 106% overall reduction in site energy consumption compared to the ASHRAE 90.1 baseline. Baumann’s services contributed to the overall goal of achieving an annual energy use of no more than 190,000 kBtu and an energy use intensity (EUI) of around 20 kBtu/ft² even prior to the inclusion of renewable energy through wind turbines and photovoltaic panels.

Thank you to the amazing team that worked tirelessly to bring the Brock Environmental Center to fruition. Congratulations to the entire project team on this outstanding achievement!