Amir Rezaei-Bazkiaei of EB wins DesignBuilder’s Design Optimization Competition

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Washington D.C., April 2013.

DesignBuilder, a state-of-the-art simulation tool, held an international Design Optimization Competition based in the UK in order to highlight the effectiveness of new design tools in making decisions at every stage of the design process. The competition participants received a site layout and had to build a building that minimized construction cost and operational carbon emissions while also meeting daylighting and comfort criteria. Thirty entries were submitted to the competition. Amir Rezaei-Bazkiaei, Graduate Engineer at Ebert & Baumann Consulting Engineers (EB) and pursing a PhD in Environmental Engineering, participated as part of EB’s Energy Modeling team, which won 2nd place. The competition judges deemed Amir’s submission to be, “a very well thought out design using natural ventilation and based on a circular form, which [was] especially effective from the daylight and cost perspectives.” As part of winning 2nd place, EB received an Advanced Simulation package worth £3,199.