Danica Lance’s 10-Year Baumann Anniversary

Oliver Baumann, BCxP, CPHC, LEED AP, President

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When Danica Lance joined Baumann Consulting in 2012, it was intended to be a six-month stint to help us with the implementation of a new ERP system. Now, 10 years later, she is a respected and valued member of Baumann Consulting’s corporate management team who handles and manages the company’s ERP system and HR policies.

During her first months at Baumann, Danica was tasked with importing historic data from spreadsheets, proposals, invoices, and budget and financial documents into Deltek Vision. It quickly became clear that Danica was a hard worker with excellent organizational skills and a deep understanding of all operational aspects of the business. It was a no-brainer to offer her a permanent position where she could utilize all these skills to support the company’s growth. Danica took on a broader role and became involved in administrative, operations, and IT tasks. She assisted with upgrading the company’s IT and phone systems and coordinating the DC office relocation.

Danica Lance relaxing after coordinating Baumann's DC office move
Danica taking a break during Baumann’s DC office move.

As the company grew, so did Danica’s skillsets and knowledge. She became involved in various aspects of the company, from Deltek and operations to IT and HR. Danica led multiple Deltek Vision upgrades, including implementing a multi-company setup in Deltek when Baumann began its operations in Germany. She helped establish HR policies and coordinated the company’s employee handbook revisions. Danica also optimized the performance review process. Since then, Danica has onboarded 80+ employees at Baumann Consulting!

In 2015, Danica relocated to Switzerland with her family. At the time, remote working wasn’t a thing. However, Baumann valued Danica’s work and contributions and offered her the opportunity to work remotely. Danica leverages being in an earlier time zone to handle important ERP and HR issues and have them addressed by the time the US offices wake up. For her, it also means living close to the Swiss Alps – a hiker’s paradise!

Danica at a 5k run in Switzerland.
Danica participating in a 5k run in Switzerland.

Today, Danica is Baumann’s Operations and ERP Manager. She is considered the company’s Deltek whiz and recently, led the company’s Deltek Vantagepoint migration. She also leads the company’s internal staff meetings, training, and educational sessions which require diligent coordination and effort to put together. Danica continues to optimize the company’s internal processes, engages employees, and fosters a collaborative culture at Baumann.

Danica Lance’s 10-Year Baumann Anniversary