IR500T – the new way of visualization

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Together with Indoor Reality, UC Berkeley, and LBNL, Baumann Consulting was part of a multi-disciplinary team that conducted research and development of wearable indoor scanners. Baumann’s specific focus on the research was in developing the technology’s hardware and software to make commercial energy services more accurate, cost efficient and sophisticated. The industry-leading technology has now been brought to market in the form of a handheld scanner, the IR500T, a 2 lb scanning device that is simply walked through an indoor space.

The primary components of the IR500T include

  • 360-degree camera with depth sensors
  • Tablet with mapping system
  • Thermal camera

The handheld mapping system can scan 6,000 to 8,000 square feet of indoor area per hour. 3D models and other data from scans are available within the hour via an online platform, accessible from anywhere with internet access. Baumann is the first energy service provider with access to Indoor Reality’s IR500T.

Applications utilizing the IR500T with Baumann Consulting include

  • Better, faster and cheaper energy audits, retrofit assistance, thermal comfort with infrared scanning

Additional applications for commercial real estate owners and operators

  • Virtual 3D walkthrough, accessible anywhere from the web
  • Tenant agreements, space planning and utilization
  • Asset and facility management

Additional applications for architects and construction managers

  • Document existing conditions
  • Map important details for historic preservation
  • Create as-built BIM models
  • Provide regular progress scans to document changes during construction

Importing a Revit file created by the IR500T reduces the time required to create a Revit model. Corrections can be made to a Revit file of an existing space by having a virtual walkthrough available.

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IR500T – the new way of visualization